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I consider myself as a Hip Hop, R&B, and Christian Hip Hop style type DJ. However I am also skilled at House and EDM dance music as well.

   It all started at a house party in North Philadelphia. My oldest brother's best friend was DJ'ing. After hearing the scratching I was hooked. I went over to his house later that same week just to see the equipment he was using. He asked if I wanted to try and the rest is history. He showed me the basics of beat matching and counting the bpm's (Beats Per Minute) of a song by using my wrist watch. A technique that many current dj's do not know today. As I got older and decided to go into the U.S. Air Force I then took DJ'ing to the next level by purchasing a set of two Audiotechnika turntables and a 4 channel Gemini mixer. My DJ name soon came into being in 1987. A friend of mine from NY began calling me DJ Black because of my dark skinned complexion. Hence the reason I currently call myself "The Real DJ Black." Not sure if anyone went by that DJ name since then. Soon after that I began DJ'ing in the NCO (Non Commission Officer) clubs on the base where I was stationed. I also did a few parties at fellow service member's barracks. After I shipped out to Germany that's when I really hit the next level of this craft. I bought two Technique 1210 turntables and a couple of Peavey 15 inch speakers. I began making mix tapes and getting into DJ battles. Suddenly the craft for me came to a screeching halt. 

   I found God and entered into the church. After my conversion the passion immediately went away for DJ'ing. But not for music, it has always been there and never left me. Making beats and writing music is a gift that God has given me. Now I am writing and making beats for the glory of God. Many Christians find it hard to see Hip Hop as another genre of music. As I began to discover other Christian artists, the passion for being a DJ slowly returned. I began to think, "Why is it so easy for secular artists (DJ's) to mix music and do edits to songs and not Christian DJ's do the same?" I began to hear other Christian DJ's mix and do remixes to Christian/Gospel artists music, namely DJ Fresh. I was blown away at his awesome talent and I started thinking, I should be able to do that. I could hear God at that time, "Yes, you can do that, you can do that for me." I then began using dj mix software because by then, all of my equipment was long gone. During the pandemic as I saw hundreds of DJ's take to the scene and start live streaming on the internet, this was the motivation I needed. And since 2020 I have been back at it and I find myself not too far from where I left off. It's like God planned this whole thing just for me. With the DJ technology that has come out within the past three years, I feel as though sky is the limit to what you can do now compared to the equipment we used to use. So, as of now, I consider myself as a Hip Hop, R&B, and Christian Hip Hop style type DJ. However I am also skilled at House and EDM dance music as well.

I am The Real DJ Back aka Dennis Howell and this is my biography.

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