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DJ Black has gone mobile

DJ Black is on the move and is now available for mobile​ and corporate gigs. His style of play is phenomenal and highly professional.  

DJ Photo_6.png

DJ Black is hosting "Underground Blessings" every Thursday evening on BB&E internet Radio.

DJ Black is hosting Underground Blessings on BB&E Internet Radio every Thursday evening at 7PM to 8PM Eastern Standard Time. Underground Blessings on BB&E Radio is a show that uncovers hidden gems and highlights emerging talent in the world of Christian hip-hop and R&B. Download the FREE app on your Android through Google Play or any of your Apple mobile devices in the Apple App store.

DJ Black is on W.H.I.Z. Radio (internet)

DJ Black is hosting the Sunday Mid Day Gospel Praise Mix on W.H.I.Z. Radio. DJ Black uncovers the true talent of Christian Hip Hop (CHH) and R&B artists. He also mixes a huge host of Gospel genres like Gospel House, Christian Afro Beats, and Gospel Neo Soul and this is just to name a few. Tune in every Sunday afternoon at 12PM Eastern Standard Time to get your praise on within the mix.

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